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Latin dance and salsa classes in south America with 'RitmoTropical Salsa School'

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Welcome to Ritmo Tropical Salsa School

 in Quito, Ecuador!

We offer the hottest, sexiest, salsa classes in Latin America. Ritmo Tropical is a dance school that was set up in 1991 by two salsa lovers – Araceli and Eduardo Beltrán, two Ecuadorians who were involved in the world of dance and music from childhood.

Ritmo Tropical was one of the first dance schools in Eucador, and since its first days has promoted and shared the heat, the flavour, and the joy of salsa. With friendly and  professional teachers, Ritmo Tropical has been the leader in teaching salsa, merengue and other Latin styles during the last 18 years.

Come and try us out for yourself -  within no  time you will be dancing salsa like a pro!

Individual dance classes cost $10 per hour

Or book 10 dance classes for only $90!

Group classes for $6 per person per hour (4 person minimum)

Or book 10 group classes for only $50

Capoeira classes (group class) $5 per class


Ritmo Tropical is recommended by Lonely Planet, South American Handbook, and other popular guidebooks.


“Salsa is not just a dance . . .  it is also a way of life!”