What our students say about Ritmo Tropical salsa school: 

My Spanish school recommended salsa classes with Araceli Beltrán, who is a teacher of tropical dance. The classes were great (the instruction, the music, the Studio). It was an unforgettable experience. Christine Barrer, Switzerland

Thanks, the class was great. My goal in life was to dance salsa
My teacher is a star.
Take care.
Mariana Boss, Switzerland

Well, after two weeks in this school, I think I can dance…finally!
I don’t think I was a natural salsa dancer and I almost quit after the first week, but I kept at it and I am glad I did. I am even thinking about coming back next summer in order to dance more! Well, we will see.
Brian Berger, USA

I took a couple of one-to-one lessons at the Ritmo Tropical dance school in Quito.
I have been dancing salsa, (at different schools in the world), for over 4 years and I was positively surprised to find that my teacher was a real professional.
I would gladly recommend this dancing school.
Best regards.
Thomas Bjerlchede, Sweden.

I highly recommend Ritmo Tropical dancing lessons. I only intended to take one week’s classes but I enjoyed them so much that I continued for the rest of my time in Quito. Eduardo is a very good teacher, patient and fun. It’s amazing how much one can learn in a very short time. Even South American salsatecas are no longer daunting experiences!.
Clare Hames, England

I can thoroughly recommend the Ritmo Tropical dancing lessons. Although it’s very hard work for the uninitiated, after just two lessons I felt comfortable in the salsateca and was able to pick up new moves from other dancers.
Paul Ramsay, England

When I walked through the door of Ritmo Tropical for the first time.s I did not know how to dance a single step of salsa, merengue, or any other kind of latin dance . However after only nine days of lessons I was transformed by the capable instructor into a latino-dancing machine! By this I mean to say that I am now capable of dancing salsa in a salsatec, leading my female partner and, (perhaps most importantly), without embarrassing myself. (This is quite an accomplishment for a gringo who did not grow up listening to latin rhythms. Besides having instructors who are highly competent to teach dance, the staff there are also very friendly, positive, and do their best to make you feel comfortable. For all these reasons and based on my experience, I openly recommend Ritmo Tropical dance school to all those who want to learn to dance.
Steven Clack.

A friend introduced me to Ritmo Tropical, and although I had never really danced before, Araceli patiently taught me the basic steps,  the turns, and some of the more advanced moves. Great fun and a good work out. I recommend this dance school to everyone!

Andy Kirby, UK






“Salsa is not just a dance . . .  it is also a way of life!”